High Earners Adrift

Many of my readers have skills they can apply to earn incomes that are far above average — if they desire to apply those skills for that purpose. A lot of them are programmers or engineers. Some know how to invest or trade stocks. Some are just really good poker players. These people can earn six-figure incomes (sometimes more) without much difficulty. 继续阅读High Earners Adrift


我的读者中有许多人,都拥有可以赚到远超平均水平收入的各种技能 — 只要他们想为此目的应用那些技能。他们中很多人都是程序师或工程师。另有一些知道如何投资或交易股票。还有一些人是非常出色的扑克高手。这些人可以不费太多困难就赚到六位数收入(有时还会更多)。 继续阅读漂泊茫然的赚钱高手