Completing Your Side Quests

There’s an idea (from Hinduism, I believe) that if you want to dedicate yourself to a path of spiritual awakening, yet some seemingly lower desire keeps nagging at you, then you should go pursue that desire first and get it out of your system. If it takes years to do this, that’s okay. You’ll be better off in the long run if you let that desire run its course, so you won’t be distracted by it later. 继续阅读Completing Your Side Quests


有种观念说(我相信应该来自印度教),若你想献身于精神觉醒之路,可是某种看起来较低层级的欲望总在叨扰你,那你就该首先追求那份欲望,让它脱离你的生活系统。假如追求这份欲望要花上数年时间,那也没什么问题。若你能让那份欲望自然走到尽头,长远来看将是更好结果,这样你以后就不会被它分心干扰。 继续阅读完成你的支线任务