How to Become an Early Riser – Part II

Last Monday’s post How to Become an Early Riser obviously struck a chord with many people. That post has generated more links than I can count, sending more new traffic to this site than any other post or article I’ve written. And the traffic logs indicate that the surge was decentralized (not attributable to a mention in any one major source). 继续阅读How to Become an Early Riser – Part II

如何成为早起者 — 第二部分

上周一发布的那篇《如何成为早起者》,显然撩动了许多人的心弦。那篇文章产生的外部链接不计其数,为这个网站带来的流量,比我写过的任何文章都要多。而且流量日志表明,这次流量高峰是去中心化的(不归功于任何主要流量源头)。 继续阅读如何成为早起者 — 第二部分

How to Give Up Coffee

Caffeine is the modern drug of choice in the work world, easily accessible, socially acceptable, readily affordable, and of course perfectly legal. As for the health effects, I’ve read evidence both for good and ill, so right now I don’t fall strongly on either side. One thing is clear though — caffeine is addictive. And this addictive nature is what leans me towards the negative side. 继续阅读How to Give Up Coffee


咖啡因就是工作世界里的精选现代毒品,它容易获取,广为接纳,价格亲民,当然,还完全合法。至于健康影响,我阅读的证据好坏都有,所以目前自己并未强烈偏向任何一方。不过有一件事显而易见 — 咖啡因会让人上瘾。而这种上瘾本质,便是令我稍微偏向负面一侧影响的原因。 继续阅读如何戒掉咖啡

The Inefficiency of Being Too Curious

One time leak I noticed I had was checking up on certain things too often. I’ve already gotten my email processing down to only once a day, but I found I was still checking up on things like blog comments, feeds, ad revenue, sales through my games site, web traffic, watchlists, and other stats several times per day at random intervals. 继续阅读The Inefficiency of Being Too Curious


我注意到自己浪费时间的一个地方,就是会过于频繁地查看某些东西。我已把处理邮件的频率降到每天一次,但自己仍会在随意时间,每天多次地查看博客评论、订阅内容、广告收入、自己游戏网站上的销售情况、网站流量、收看列表等其他数据。 继续阅读过度好奇的低效影响


昨天我在家中办公室工作,儿子Kyle就在我旁边的地上玩耍,他大部分时间都在试图重新整理我的书架。忽然,Kyle站起身来指着我正吃的苹果说道:“那稀一个苹果。”然后他在没扶任何东西的情况下,朝我走了5步远 — 这便是他人生独立走出的头5步。我立马叫来妻子,接着鼓励儿子再走给她看看。 继续阅读在家工作

Working From Home

Yesterday I was working in my home office, and my son Kyle was playing on the floor next to me, mostly trying to reorganize my bookshelf. Kyle stood up and pointed to an apple I was eating and said, “thash an apple.” Then he took about 5 steps towards me without holding on to anything — his very first steps. I quickly grabbed my wife, and with some encouragement we got him to do it again for her. 继续阅读Working From Home